Dogtooth Chronicals

“A bit bloody brilliant.” (Tim Dedopulos,

If the apocalypse comes tomorrow, I’ll meet you in the pub.


Dogtooth Chronicals (sic) is my debut novel & was the first release from Bees Make Honey publishing. It concerns the lives of characters unable to commit to a conventional future, instead they’re gifted a minor apocalypse, shades of dystopia and a test of their survival instincts. A reflection on a hopeless generation littered with chronic chaos, magic realism, cynical Northern humour and the hair of the dog.

Backcover blurb…

Roxanne is malnourished, Charlie is pretending, Claudia is complicated, Simian is undecided. Wolfgang is a bucket of jokes being kicked down the stairs.

The shaggy-dog subplots of Northern cities are rudely interrupted when the North Atlantic Drift is dislocated and the country is thrown into chaos.  Leaving their beloved Sheffield in ruins, a motley group of friends set out in search of food, shelter and ultimately a new way of life.  They find themselves enthralled, yet at the mercy of a strange new world where modern culture is in decline and a whole new set of instincts apply.


General Fiction/Literary Fiction/Speculative Fiction/Magic Realism/Environmental Science Fiction/Metaphysical


The paperback is available to buy from us for £7.50 including postage through the shiny button below.

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If you would like it in ebook format, it is also on Smashwords.

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From Left Lion Issue 51…

leftlion review

A few more selected quotes…

“Despite its stark quasi-apocalyptic backdrop, Dogtooth Chronicals is in
many ways a love letter. It is a saga, a fantasy/nightmare, an epic multidimensional, multi-narrative prophecy, and it is long. But – and perhaps
this is where being a British reader reviewing a British novel really
shows – it is truly a love letter to the cities, landscape and weather of
Britain.” (Evie Woolmore on Awesome Indies)

“Timely, contemporary and beautifully written (…) every sentence shines out as being carefully hand-crafted and constructed with love.” (John Parker via

“Huge in scope and concept and execution.” (Darryl Samson via

“As powerful a piece of apocalyptic sci-fi as I’ve read in a decade.” (Tim Dedopulos)

“One of the most interesting and fresh works of fiction I’ve read in a long time.” (Simon B, via

“Poignant and memorable (…) A brilliant debut novel, and a welcome change from the plethora of simplistic, one-dimensional offerings that do little to challenge the reader. A banquet, not a snack. And definitely, decisively satisfying.” (Luiseadh Morgenstern via


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