About Fox

MetaFox is fond of discussing herself in the third person in order to create a false wall between reality and fiction. She is a metafiction gonzo vixen who is fond of pulling the lid off old fashioned dustbins* and finding words inside. These are then rearranged for your delectation.

Fox is a local urban nocturne, who craves rural life but makes do with the local parks & pubs. You may find her at local backroom gigs, propping up the bar at the Kean’s Head drinking Duchesse de Bourgogne, or gazing up at the nearest trees admiring the foliage & the play of light through the branches. She’s a hopeless pretentious romanticist, who brings to life dark futurelands full of flawed but beautiful characters & wonderfully terrible things. She scavenges ideas, prose, and imagery on her travels & reinvents them for her own purpose. In her slightly gnawed collection of books and visions you will find Richard Farina, Gunter Grass, Douglas Coupland, Margaret Atwood, Jorge Luis Borges, Jack London, Park Chan Wook, Michel Gondry, Miranda July, Hadley Freedman, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Pippilotti Rist & Slavoj Zizek.

Note: all writing on this blog is copyright of the author/fox unless otherwise specified. It may not be reproduced without prior permission of the author/fox.

Kirsty Fox is a writer, artist & social entrepreneur living in Nottingham.

*The advent of the green wheelie bin was an upsetting moment for her artistic idealism




18 responses to “About Fox

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  2. thanks for liking the red ticket on http://www.thehistoryofthings.com

    think about subscribing. could use the friends, and if you’re up for humor, please check out http://circularrunning.wordpress.com/

    in any case, thanks again!

  3. Just wanted to let you know, that since I moved to a self hosted site, I lost all of my wordpress.com followers. Im sending a notice out to let you know you may not receive emails or notifications about posts I write unless you follow me again! Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you at my site!

    Viva la journey,


  4. Thank you for ‘liking’ my blog ‘Accidental Author’ (is ‘liking’ a verb?). Your photos under novel research are lovely. The places you went to are both ‘treasured’ and ‘discarded’.

  5. Thanks, any excuse to hit the road & look at pretty/broken things!

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  18. thehowlingfantogs

    Ahh, I love Sheffield too. Just downloaded Dogtooth, looking forward to reading it.

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