Sketch (the sound of cucumber)

A sketch is a suggestion of a world, a suggestion of a place, a time, people, objects. Leaves blown in through an open door. The absence of something you thought was there, but instead it was in another place, another time. A lost duck. A falling down wall. The innards of an old analogue tape strewn across the concrete. The white noise in your head expressed in marks on a rough surface. The smell of recently eaten toast and the sight of cold crumbs on an empty plate. The way autumn seems to to sum up all the autumns that have already passed you by in your life. The anguish of a daft dog licking your ear. The sound of cucumber (a kind of empty silence you might expect in the middle of an arctic tundra). The gentle weight of a head rested against your shoulder.

A sketch embodies these moments, these abstract concepts that are familiar and strange all at once. It is a stream of conscious not quite tangible to any mind other than the one that conceived it. And yet it still conveys some of the magic. The intrigue. The tiny sensation of what’s at the tip of our fingers……………


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