Dogtooth Chronicals Spring Sale plus new novel update

I was gonna run an Easter Sale on Dogtooth Chronicals, but lets be fair, it’s a Godless doorstop full of swearwords and the only cute fluffy bunnies that feature get skinned and eaten. So, hey lets call it a Spring Sale. Until 30th April 2014 folk in the UK can buy the beautifully designed paperback for just £6 plus free delivery. You also buy it direct from us in our shop – Bees Make Honey Shop – using the security of Paypal, thus not giving a penny to Mr Amazon.

In other news I am making gradual progress on novel number two, KATJE, with much valued support from Nottingham Writers’ Studio. It is speculative fiction/literary science fiction set way in the future after the Earth is all but destroyed. Humans are a refugee race kept as pets on another planet by an intelligent alien species. I’m not the first to write this sort of theme fo sho, but I’m writing it from the perspective of an alien. WHY?! Because I love to make things difficult for myself. I’m also editing Bees Make Honey’s second novel to by published The Dust on the Moth by Darren Simpson, so along with all the other stuff I do I’m keeping busy.

Happy Spring. See you on the flipside x

Buy Dogtooth Chronicals here.


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