Dogtooth Chronicals

I’m happy to announce I’m now the proud mother of a bonnie wee bairn by the name Dogtooth Chronicals.

Here’s a little jazz about the book to introduce you/jog your memory –

Dogtooth Chronicals is the debut release from Bees Make Honey independent publishing. It concerns the lives of characters unable to commit to a conventional future, instead they’re gifted a minor apocalypse, shades of dystopia and a test of their survival instincts. A reflection on a hopeless generation littered with chronic chaos, magic realism, cynical Northern humour and the hair of the dog.


Roxanne is malnourished, Charlie is pretending, Claudia is complicated, Simian is undecided. Wolfgang is a bucket of jokes being kicked down the stairs.

The shaggy-dog subplots of Northern cities are rudely interrupted when the North Atlantic Drift is dislocated and the country is thrown into chaos.  Leaving their beloved Sheffield in ruins, a motley group of friends set out in search of food, shelter and ultimately a new way of life.  They find themselves enthralled, yet at the mercy of a strange new world where modern culture is in decline and a whole new set of instincts apply.

It’s available in paperback form on Amazon & The Book Depository, as well as selected independent shops. It’s available on Amazon kindle & in various ebook formats (including Epub for iPad, Nook etc.) from Smashwords.

If you do buy a copy & enjoy it, please do leave a review. Indie publishing relies very much on word-of-cyber-mouth recommendations.

Kirsty Fox author profile on Amazon

…with links to paperbacks & ebooks, note amazon are advertising an expensive POD paperback, look a little further for a copy from me at £9.45

Dogtooth Chronicals on Smashwords

Dogtooth Chronicals on The Book Depository

(also a POD copy)

You can also now connect with me on Goodreads

Many thanks to the blogosphere for their support, I hope (whenever I have the time) to return the good karma.

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