Stuck between a finished manuscript and making a decision about the route to publishing? Finding it difficult to get an agent but not sure you have the necessary means to self-publish? Maybe we can help.

Bees Make Honey is a newly established independent publisher in the East Midlands region. As of late October, we are releasing our first book ‘Dogtooth Chronicals’ (sic) in both print and ebook form. However publishing in print is a fair gamble with large up-front costs. For our next project we are looking to publish selected authors’ work in ebook form to begin with. If we can drum up enough market for the book we will then take it to print.

There are no upfront fees involved in this, if we think your novel is good enough and fits our criteria in terms of theme and style, we will publish it. If it sells enough as an ebook, we will print it. We can’t offer author advances, you will be paid according to sales. As a small outfit we are able to offer better royalties on ebooks than large publishers. You won’t earn as high a percentage as if you self-published, but you won’t have to find a decent cover designer or editor, format it yourself, work out distribution channels or navigate the minefield of self-promotion alone. The ebook market is currently facing saturation, creating a splash isn’t easy.

Our criteria for submissions are as follows –

Long-form adult fiction (novels/novellas)

Cross-genre or literary fiction (not easy to pigeonhole/the awkward squad)

We particularly like contemporary magic realism and speculative fiction, also styles of writing which are a little edgy and unusual

We don’t publish poetry, children/young adult’s fiction, genre fiction, non-fiction

We hope to encourage regional fiction outside of the London/South East bubble, we are based in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, but will consider novelists based elsewhere in the UK & Ireland.

We are an ethically minded business who wish to offer authors fair royalties, support the local creative community and where practical, consider the environment. Your novel will remain yours and if you get a better offer with a larger publisher you will be free to pursue this.

If you are interested please send an enquiry to with ‘test author’ as the subject so it doesn’t end up in the junk folder.

If you are including a novel outline/blurb/a couple of sample chapters please send these as one attachment clearly labelled with your full name. Within the attachment please list name, email address and your town/city/region.

The project will be progressing in January 2013 so please be patient if you don’t hear anything back immediately.


4 responses to “CALL FOR TEST AUTHORS (UK & Ireland only)

  1. Interesting idea, but you might want to fix the spelling in your notice! It doesn’t inspire confidence in your company’s editing.

  2. You’ll be pleased to know I’m not the person who does the editing. I’m a terrible speller.

    • That’s good to know! If you have a professional editor working with you, say so, because it makes the offer sooooo much more attractive.

  3. And a very talented cover designer also. For the record. We don’t plan to publish shoddy products, that will get us precisely nowhere. 🙂

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