Frank City Film Club – Episode Two

Brian Snuff – Your King of Subtext

Nikita and Leon. Nikita and Leon. It took me too long to notice this. I have a deep fear of serendipity. How does Snufty stand a chance?

Nikita was of course a complicated creature. I mean all women are, so Bane likes to remind me. Though really I think he underestimates how complicated men are.

SNUFTY : We do subtext too.

BANE : But ours is obvious. It’s innuendos, or dropping a hint that we’re hungry, or too sober to cope with reality.

SNUFTY : Well, my subtext is a little more complicated.

BANE : Yeah, everything has to relate back to Neuromancer. Chicks dig Neuromancer.

Niki does, I wanted to say. But I didn’t. Subtext.

But no, I mean, she’s called Nikita for creeps sake, she has a backstory. And he’s called Leon. My second best bud, on days when Bane is really being Bane, my first. The oblivious love rival. I’ve yet to work out what goes on in that nutjob Leon’s head. Partly because it doesn’t matter. His sub-plot is he’s troubled by things in the past. What those things are is pretty irrelevant. It’s standard character notes.

Nikita and Leon are sort of kindred spirits. It hurts my sphincters to admit that. But.

There is some invisible forcefield between them though. Something that keeps them apart. I’ve yet to know what that thing is. Leon just seems oblivious, except on days when he can’t keep his eyes off her. But even then, it’s like he’s comfortable with the forcefield.

Nikita isn’t. She gets spiky. Not like more sarcastic and bitchy than usual (she’s both those things all the time, in an adorable way). Just her aura is spiky, I can see the tension orbiting around her.

Now I’ve minddumped my neurosis – bitter-sweet subtext – I can talk about the film club, because inbetween our own bullshit dramas, we are trying to write a film…


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