Dashboard Confessional

Creative diary blogging is best done anonymously. That way you can fictionalise real life, or realify fiction without anyone whinging that you’re either bitching about them, or that you’re exagerating. We’re raconteurs dammit, of course we exagerate.

One of my favourite discoveries is The Wuc She doesn’t blog so often these days, but the elaborate coded world that (I assume) reflects on her own experiences is very clever, funny and oddball. I like how you have to spend some time picking up background on characters or events for it to make sense & take shape.

Also extremely addictive is 27bslash6. Is it entirely fiction or was there some reality somewhere where these emails and so on took place? It doesn’t matter. They ring true, and they make you choke with laughter on your 4pm brew. Job done.

I’d love to have the freedom of an anoymous blog. But as someone who hopes to make some sort of coinage from their writing, it would be counter-productive. My sister tells me I share too much on social media sites (micro-blogs in my brain) and I probably do, when I stop to think about the real life humanoids that are witness to such things. But it’s all an experiment to me and in some ways a semi-fiction. A version of a version of an opinion of events. Maybe I should just start to make shit up completely and then nobody can spot the sneaked in truth.


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