Fortune Favours the Brave

Self-Publishing/Love is a losing game. Or not depending…it’s all relative bullshit.  Cynical optimism is the way forward.

If you have an interest in the nitty gritty of publishing hop over to  If you would prefer to snigger at my misinterpretation of Swedish shoe-gaze/whingerock, and how this is relevant to whether or not I self-publish, read on…

‘Instead of a paltry 5% to 15% royalty, you’ll make 20% to 80% of the purchase price.’ (Publishing Basics)

I’m becoming a diciple of a man called Ron.  A man who would like my money for self-publishing services, but seems so damn nice about it.  If what Ron says is true – if things go to plan and you can create a demand for your work, you can probably make more money, selling less books through publishing your own stuff.  This is a gamble of course, and one I would pay for in elbow grease and savings.  But then how many people spend years and years trying to get recognised by a publisher, and then once they do get given some measly sum for all their toil?

Maybe I’m getting carried away with the spirit of the times (rage against the corporate machine, for which there is only one solution, to be a renegade of funk), but it really feels like the right time in all areas to ruffle up the status quo, and bring some power back to the individual.

So yes I’m erring towards being a big brave fox, digging a series of tunnels to the farms of Bogis and Bunce and Bean (Amazon, Random House and Waterstones) and claiming a decent bit of grub for me and the cubs.

But the word ‘marketing’ sends a chill down my spine.  Regardless of whether you self-publish, or whether you go with an indie, you will have the most responsibility for marketing your book.  This does worry me, I’m uber-motivated about my novel, but I have to pin my eyes open when reading about marketing techniques.  The info seeps through the gaps in my brain and leaks into the gutter.  I think for this stuff to engage you, you have to read between the lines and see the pound signs.  And I’m just not a pound signs in eyes type of gal, I have to go one step further and look at the potential of the pounds, where they could be reinvested.  This is a long thought process just to try to take in some basic info!

I haven’t made a firm decision about my route to publishing for ‘Dogtooth Chronicals’.  Part of me thinks for my first novel it would be better to work with the wisdom of an indie publisher.  But then again I feel we are here now on the precipice of change in the industry, will there ever be a better time to set up my own indie publishers?  Probably not.

I don’t necessarily believe that fortune favours the brave.  There is a Peter, Bjorn & John song that repeats the phrase over and over, and back when that album was part of my brain-wallpaper I let myself believe.  It’s the only time I’ve ever summond up the courage to ask out a boy (instead of getting them spannered and then pouncing on them, as is the traditional British way of things), and led to certain doom.  Maybe my choice of film was wrong – ‘A Complete History of My Sexual Failures’ (Chris Waitt, 2008), sure I thought it was pretty ironic, maybe a bit too ironic.  So we watched that (it is ace), and then slipped into the usual friend-habits of going to a pub and running into mates.  Then I went away on holiday and he hooked up with a hot Japanese girl.  Fail of the Epic variety, some might say.

So for this reason (and when I say ‘reason’ I mean chip on my shoulder), I don’t necessarily believe that fortune does favour the brave.  Then again it definitely doesn’t favour those who sit at home and do nowt.  With this in mind, sleep well tonight, tomorrow we go to battle.

Over & owt



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