So many films…so little time

Lost moments in cinema.  Art is mostly about failure.  As is Troll hunting in the suburbs of the Midlands…

You have to go a little further afield for that sort of romp, specifically Norway.  A doubtless stunning country which is on my to-do list along with a whole bunch of films I’ll never have time to see.  At least I saw ‘Trollhunter’ (2010 Andre Ovredal), a film stranded in the wilderness, somewhere between Blair Witch & Where the Wild Things Are, but with that odd Norwegian humour that I bloody love (see ‘The Bothersome Man’ (2006, Jens Lien), a bonafide masterpiece in my mind).  I’m dead glad I saw the trolls on the big screen, they were worth all the nagging it took to persuade somebody that this would be f**king amazing, rather than terrible.  It was.  A madcap film, oodles of tweaks & quirks that made its format (supposed-found-footage/mockumentary or what you will) not feel like a tired old experiment.  Mainly it was just damn funny & left you with little to say after, as you felt like you had a brainful of trollfarts.  Lovely.

I also saw the new version of ‘Jane Eyre’ (2011, Cary Fukunga), on a friend’s request.  I’m not mega on period dramas, but I always forget them Bronte sisters love a bit of rugged Yorkshire moorland, and saying boo to gooses, so it was time well-spent.  I really want to see ‘Melancholia’ (mainly cos I recon Lars Von Trier has been tapping my brain & stealing ideas, the crazy rogue), but also Paddy Cosidine’s directorial debut ‘Tyrannosaur’, cos I’m a massive fan of his & it’s had awesome reviews.  But fitting round work + friends plans + being short of a quid, are working against me.  I’ll just have to go alone, and then discuss my feelings on the finer points of apocalypses & domestic violence with the nearest enigmatic lamp post.

I also wanna see ‘Midnight in Paris’, cos it’s like an artsy Goodnight Sweetheart (which come to think of it was a philosophical masterpiece, even if they dragged it out way too long).  But that’s no.3 on my list…ho hum.

I leave you with more troll parps, over & owt.


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